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Elastic sandals

For your easy step

Lehké, nadčasové a originální

sandály plove light®

Nová generace oblíbených sandálů z plavkoviny už brzy skladem - pojď se těšit s námi!

sandály plove light®

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lycra sandals

They are unique due to the innovative use of swimwear on the upper of the shoe , which is made up of only one or two pieces of material (one-piece and two-piece versions).

This positively affects the simplicity of the shoe's appearance and its elegance. The seamless, flexible and very comfortable upper adapts to your foot. At the same time, it is strong enough to hold the foot in the shoe and is suitable for normal active use.

The sandals are carefully designed and made in a small workshop in Prague. Thanks to high-quality Italian materials, they are flexible, flexible and light.