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Limited swimwear collection


swimwear enhanced with crystals

The joy of movement, its dynamism, but also luxurious moments by the pool. The exclusive Plove X Preciosa swimwear mini collection follows such lines. Beautiful crystals, applied with a special ironing technique, dominate the entire collection, add a touch of luxury to the minimalist swimsuit cuts and, thanks to the limited number of eleven pieces , make the collection almost a collector's item.

The collection includes four luxury swimwear designs with crystal appliqué. The combination of sporty cuts and used crystals creates a surprisingly harmonious symbiosis that will captivate all lovers of unique design. The swimsuit looks good not only in the water, but also as a special item for a very special occasion.

The Sparkle Fish design with its iconic fish motif draws loosely from Japanese aesthetics. A floating fish symbolizes perseverance and overcoming an obstacle. Crystals in red and blue shades resonate on the understated swimwear material, which optically disappears and becomes invisible.

"I thought carefully about the placement of the stones and the choice of swimsuit material. Inspiration also came from the crystals themselves. They reflect light and their color changes when viewed from different angles," says designer Pavlína Miklasová about the collection.

The Yellow Corset design cleverly combines a sporty look with a dazzling effect. An exclusive variation of stones in golden yellow shades forms a corset motif on the body. The model draws inspiration mainly from the crystals themselves and how the stones change colors and reflect light when moving.

This limited Plove x Preciosa collection is followed by the NUT collection , launched in 2023.

how did it come about?

take a look at the process

All models were sewn from swimwear in a renowned Czech workshop for the production of swimwear and underwear: "Even if it doesn't seem like it, several sewing machines for different operations are needed to sew swimwear. Any such industrial machine is quite expensive. But I would say that the most expensive are the experiences of people who know how to operate the machines. The processing of elastic materials, which includes swimwear, is a very specific know-how," adds the designer about the production of swimwear.

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Custom orders are something we really enjoy. Listen to the client's wishes, play with his specifications, bring in your own ideas, and in the end the result is a refreshing combination of everything iconic for the given brand, but also for Plove. We look forward to your projects!