PLOVE sandals will be!

Dear friends, you are amazing and we are extremely happy to share this news with you. With your help, we managed to raise the amount needed to realize our sandals!

sails on Hittite

And for that, we thank you very much for supporting us and we are sincerely grateful to you. Now we are finally sure that we can go ahead and start production. It means a lot to us!

At the same time, it was confirmed to us that what we do makes sense not only to us. And that is the biggest motivation for us. Thank you for being with us and helping us realize our vision and fulfill our dream - we couldn't do it without you! We look forward to having all the selected rewards at home within a month at the latest.

ATTENTION: The campaign has an unexpected development - we have already managed to exceed the target amount, which we really did not expect! So does it still make sense to contribute? Yes, you can still join and participate in the collection of unique PLOVE sandals. It still DOES make sense to join .

If we manage to reach 180k, we could afford to expand the collection with another type that you, the contributors, will choose from several designs that we will give you to choose from. What do you say, will you still join ? We will be happy to involve you even more in the whole project in this way. <3 The campaign ends tomorrow (Tuesday) evening! Please check out our campaign and help us spread the word .

Thank you all for your support!

Pavlína & Bára