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Article: Introducing our ambassadors: Liběna Rochová

Představujeme naše ambasadory: Liběna Rochová

Introducing our ambassadors: Liběna Rochová

At Hithita , Bára and I promised you that we would gradually introduce all the ambassadors of our campaign (if you don't know what it is, look here ).

And since ladies have priority, let's start with the first lady of Czech fashion , clothing designer, head of the Clothing and Footwear Design Studio at UMPRUM, great professor Liběna Rochová .

Liběna taught me that diligence and humility are the path to success and that luck favors the prepared. He is a professional and an open person whom I respect a lot.

That's why I was really pleased when she not only agreed to become an ambassador for our campaign but also wrote this beautiful reference, which I appreciate all the more:

It is great that the concept that Pavlína started to create during her studies in my studio and which she completed with an excellent diploma thesis is succeeding in developing. The collection of swimwear and sandals is an exceptional achievement in this segment, which is flooded with non-original creations. I have my fingers crossed for the girls and I firmly believe that they will make it far!

Like other ambassadors, Liběna also gave us an interesting reward for those of you who support us at Hithita .

Artifact by Liběna Rochová for the PLOVE campaign

The unique glass artifact that Liběna donated to us for the campaign was specially created in the Czech glassworks AJETO. It is a minimalist object that can also be worn as a piece of jewelry around the neck.

Artifact by Liběna Rochová for the PLOVE campaign

Thanks, Love!


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