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Article: Introducing our ambassadors: Zuzana Beránková, Béliere

Představujeme naše ambasadory: Zuzana Beránková, Béliere

Introducing our ambassadors: Zuzana Beránková, Béliere


We are excited to introduce the Béliere brand, which handcrafts original leather products. Zuzana's work is fascinating. Every purse or handbag is created entirely in her hands. From the development of the cut to the final creaming, she herself carefully supervises every detail and that is why her products are perfect.

Zuzana has a beautiful, welcoming and loving relationship with her work and the people around her. He can empathize, advise and also inspire. That's why she's great at custom creations, and you'll certainly not leave empty-handed from a visit to her studio.

Given her artisanal approach, I appreciate Zuzana's support and am glad she wrote this about us:

I perceive Plov as an ingeniously simple project that is excellently functional and elaborated in detail in terms of design. I enjoy the energy that Bára and Pavlína project into the entire concept and final products.

The new reward for our Hithita campaign is definitely worth checking out. Béliere supports us with a quality women's leather wallet, which they will make for you upon request.


Decorated with a beautiful ball fastener, it can be made of 15 colors and types of leather according to your choice.


Thanks Zuzko!

PS: You can learn more about Zuzana and her nice work on the following pages.


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