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Article: Introducing our ambassadors: Eliška Lhotská

Představujeme naše ambasadory: Eliška Lhotská

Introducing our ambassadors: Eliška Lhotská

Eliška Lhotská creates jewelry with a distinctive author's handwriting and is also the founder of Koncept Story. It is a space that presents several excellent Czech designers under one roof and has been nominated several times in the Shop of the Year category at the Czech Grand Design awards.

Eliška is a great leader and jeweler-visionary. I owe her the chance to sell my stuff at Koncept Story while still at school and for the opportunity to share experience with other designers from the start, which I see as a big plus.

I try to select designers for Koncept Story who create practical design that is distinctive and at the same time 100% usable. They all have behind them either a brand with great sales potential thanks to their own well-thought-out presentation or a great overlap and feeling with an artistic intention. I am very happy that Pavlína's work fulfills both and I am even more happy that she is here with us.

Eliška donated a piece of jewelry from her new Spiritoffline collection to the campaign . She presented this as part of last year's Designblok 2017 and once again showed how to combine a conceptual approach and jewelery in a unique way.

" Spiritoffline is a state of mind, " Eliška comments on the iconic name of the collection. Pendants, earrings or rings made of silver take their shape from abstract virtual drawings generated as a "by-product" by the application Swype , commonly used, among other things, to speed up written online conversation.

Here, a specific word is transformed into an abstract image by sliding your finger on the touch keyboard.

For supporting our campaign, you can get one of four single earrings from this unique collection.

Password: "Teleport to Hawaii!"

Thanks Eliska!


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